Our rehearsals are free and open to all rebels and newcomers

A rehearsal in St Pancras Church, January 2020.

North London Rehearsal

Every Monday, 6pm-8pm

The North London band rehearses weekly in St Pancras Church, a well-ventilated building that can safely accommodate a big band. Entry is through the big red doors on Euston Road.

Instruments are available at the church and no experience is necessary.

Contact the North London band for details.

South London Rehearsal

Every Wednesday, 6-8pm

The South London band rehearses in the Leake Street Tunnel, near Waterloo station. We usually head to the pub afterwards!

Instruments are available on request and no experience is necessary.

Contact the South London band for details.

Top Shop (Hackney) and Haringey Rehearsals

The East London bands rehearse in Hackney Marshes and Finsbury Park, but times and/or locations change throughout the year.

Contact XR Drummers London to find out more.